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The Era Novus (New Age) campaign takes place in the Expertus Virtus (Crucible of Heroes) campaign setting.

Expertus Virtus is a your typical fantasy setting in many ways. Magick resides in every living and non-living thing, Dragons soar in the skies above while things unspoken burrow under the mountains. Heroes rise from the weak pathetic masses to overcome the tribulations brought about by corrupt nobles, diabolical mages, and forces unthought of.

This world, however has exceeded its brink of corruption and strife. This world has been ravaged and raped by dark magicks, evil gods, and holocaust. The only reason it still stands is because of heroes who have chosen to give up everything in the name of good. Even those who’s original intent was gold and power have dropped their superficial interests upon learning the truth about what evils are seeking to destroy this world and its denizens.

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